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GET FIT – Making people feel great about the way they look

Get Fit is a personal training studio located in Wanneroo that offers fun one on one or group personal training sessions, limited gym memberships and classes.

Our clients are fitting into their clothes better, not out of breathe doing simple things, they don't groan when they get off the coach they jump, they don't settle for aches and pains and no longer feel bloated, heavy and ugly. We don't want you to settle for anything less than feeling amazing so join us now and discover what your body is capable of doing.


Next Ultimate Body Makeover

Start the new year with gusto and get fit.  Our successful ultimate body makeover program will have you feeling healthy and fit in no time.  The Makeover will start 13th January registration open now

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Feb 2011

Veterans Fun Run

Hi Everyone

Nic here - I am a regualar runner with the marathon club of WA, this is an amazing club that is suited to any fitness level and we have had quite a few of our members do a run with the marathon club at the end of the makeovers.  On the weekend I did a run in Kings Park it was dedicated to the veteran members of the Marathon Club and the masters athletics organisation.  I was so impressed to see so many older people taking part in this event and I actually felt a little ashamed to be only doing the 5.6km run not the 11km run that nearly all of the veterans were doing. 

The running styles were very different and some looked more like a shuffle but even those shufflers were doing a cracking pace and hats off to them for still running and being active and not letting age stop them. 

I was truly inspired and I hope when I am old and grey that I will be running in this great event.

The next marathon club run is this sunday at Point Walter if anyone keen let me know and I will keep myself and you accountable for being there.

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